Mission Statement

Musee Ambulant is a non-profit cultural and educational organization whose mission is to bring art to its publics, wherever they are.

Through various arts outreach activities, Musee Ambulant aims at :

  • Promoting the practices of professional artists from various disciplines, mainly in contemporary visual arts and crafts field ;
  • Offering new ways to experience the visual arts, outside of institutions and reaching out to the public ;
  • Offering adapted activities that promote a rich and embodied experience through direct contact with artworks ;
  • Engaging new publics, especially those who, for a variety of reasons (geographic distance, physical limitations, social exclusion, etc.), have a limited access to contemporary art.


Musee Ambulant was born out of a very simple desire : to increase, facilitate and democratize access to art. Its co-founders, Jeanne Couture and Catherine-Ève ​​Gadoury, envisioned a nomad arts outreach project that would bring contemporary arts and crafts to the public, transcending geographic distance and socioeconomic barriers. Since 2017, Musee Ambulant has been travelling across the country, offering thousands of children and adults a unique opportunity to interact with works of art in order to provoke thought, develop critical thinking and spark creativity.

Supported from the beginning by the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, Musee Ambulant started out touring elementary schools across Quebec province, but quickly grew in response to the great enthusiasm generated by its unique model. Always guided by its mission of accessibility, Musee Ambulant has widened the range of its activities, tailoring them to the needs of different publics and reaching out to new audiences in the contexts of high schools, daycare centers, retirement homes, festivals, day camps and more.

Dynamic and resourceful, Musee Ambulant has also recently developed new ways of bringing art to the public amidst the limitations of the current pandemic. Its collection and artistic workshops now travel virtually and by mail, to schools (with the Musee Ambulant’s Boxes) and to homes (with the Musee Ambulant’s Colis d’art) across Canada. Other innovation projects are also underway.

Photo Credit : Musee Ambulant
Photo Credit: Maryse Cléro-Nobréga


Jeanne Couture
Co-Director General I Artistic Direction

Sarah Bélanger-Martel
Co-Director General I Direction of Education and Mediation

Maude Martin Gagnon
Co-Director General I Direction of Development and Communications


Administration & Communications
Marie-Claude Girard
Finance Director

Caroline Bourbonnais
Executive Assistant and Communications Officer

Madeleine Cloutier
School Projects Coordinator

Sherazade El Adraoui
Schools Relations Agent

Frédérique Renaud
Reservation Manager

Annie Lalande
Anglophone Community Relations Officer

Ulysse Ruel
Strategic Communications Consultant

Simon Paradis-Dionne

Technical Team

Aaron Bass
Director of Innovation

Émile Couture
Technical Director

Amy Gagnon
Graphic Design and Operations Technicians

Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé
Material Resources Officer


2021 Mediation Team
Audrée Demers-Roberge
Angela Marsh
Annie Lalande
Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé
Jeanne Couture
Madeleine Cloutier
Marie-Fauve Bélanger
Maude Martin Gagnon
Sarah Bélanger-Martel
Shadel Labrie-Lapierre


Board of Directors
Odile Pelletier I I President
Nadie Ostiguy I Vice President
Marie-Claude Girard I Secretary and Treasurer
Gentiane Lafrance I Administrator
Jean-Christophe Couture I Administrator
Marie-France Tremblay I Administrator

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