The Art of Playing and Discovering!

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Nomadic and dynamic, the Musee Ambulant is a non-profit organization whose mission is to break down the physical, geographic and socio-economic barriers between the public and the visual arts in order to make them accessible to all.

Delivered by mail to your school, Musee Ambulant’s Unboxing Art Project offers :

  • a direct contact with an original work of art by a local professional artist;
  • materials and tools for a turnkey creative workshop to be carried out with your students;
  • art appreciation discussions led by our professional artists-mediators (via videoconferencing);
  • educational resources to promote learning reinvestment and support throughout the activities.

All costs of the Unboxing Art activity are eligible for Culture at School and/or ELAN’s ArtistInspire grants.

Unboxing Art : Silkscreen

Publics: Elementary & High school / Artist: Marie-France Tremblay / Media: Silkscreen printing

Try an unusual medium while discovering the work of a contemporary artist. Give your students a rewarding experience that lends itself to playful experimentation and large-scale collective creation!

Photo credit: Audet Photo
Photo credit: Audet Photo

Unboxing Art : Web Art

Publics: Elementary & High school / Artist: Sarah L’Hérault / Media : Various

In a 100% online format adapted to virtual schooling, discover a web artwork created and designed to be experienced online. Enjoy a witty and poetic workshop where the visual arts blends with everyday life!

Unboxing Art : Through the Window

Publics: Elementary, High school & Daycare services / Artist: Audrée Demers-Roberge / Media : Drawing and collage

Discover a contemporary work of art and create a translucent mosaic to display in the windows of your school or daycare. Through the windows and through art, connect with your community!

Photo credit: Audet Photo

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