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The Doux Soft Club Digital Colis d’Art

Our Colis d’Art 02 has arrived!

New artworks by Angela Marsh + an introduction to wood engraving and printing!

Colis d’Art 01

Sold individually, Colis d’Art 01 offers an introduction to silkscreen printing as well as a work of art by artist Marie-France Tremblay!

Abonnez-vous !

Une collection livrée chez vous !

Le Colis 02 est arrivé!

Une œuvre inédite d’Angela Marsh + une initiation à la gravure sur bois et l’impression!

Colis 01

Disponible à l’unité, le Colis 01 vous propose une initiation à la sérigraphie ainsi qu’une œuvre inédite de Marie-France Tremblay !

Digital Colis d’Art

25,00 $ + tx

Explore the art of performance with the Doux Soft Club collective.

Save $50 per Colis d'Art


The Digital Colis d’Art includes:

  • 3 digital photographs specially designed for your phone, tablet and computer screens, created by the Doux Soft Club;
  • 1 GIF of the artist Romain Lasser;
  • An access code giving you access to three videos that will allow you to explore; performance art in a fun way! (See our website’s Secured Area);
  • 1 download link to access the digital art;
  • 1 flyer presenting the artists.

About Doux Soft Club, artists included in Digital Colis d’Art
This collective of four artists creates performance art, installations and photographs. It is in the lexical field of comfort that their work takes place: rugs, pastel colors, towels and soft toys soothe us. For Colis d’Art, they have created three images to brighten up the screens that accompany us everywhere and that we use (too) often. To learn more, visit the collective’s website.

About Romain Lasser, artist featured on the sleeve of Digital Colis d’Art
Illustrator and graphic designer, Romain’s work is distinguished by the unique use of perspective as well as his frontal approach to forms and shading that unfold on the page in a fine balance. Romain also designed the entire visual of the Musee Ambulant and created our logo! To learn more, visit the artist’s website.

Special Issue Colis d’Art of the 2020-2021 Season

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